Headless booting on Ryzen 2600 with Aorus B450 I mobo

Hi all, newbie here so be kind!

I am trying to part out a backup/VM server which will be running headless using a R5 2600 and Aorus B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI motherboard. I will need the single PCIe slot to add SATA ports so will not be able to use a GPU after initial installation etc. Will i need to get an APU or can this motherboard (or any decent ITX board) be set up to run headless and boot without a GPU?

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I have a first generation intel i3 machine running fedora without monitor, keyboard, or mouse attached. I can ssh into it just fine over WiFi. However, if you’re buying a new parts for a new build, why not buy one with more sata slots/pcie slots?

I have a Ryzen 2700 running as a headless server no problem. You only need the GPU for initial install (sometimes) and running graphical applications

Mind if I ask what motherboard you are using? I have read somewhere that MSI and Asus boards don’t generally boot without a GPU

I can’t find where I got it online, but it’s ASRock AB350 Pro4

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