Headaches after playing games

So im was not sure where to post this, but i would like to know if anyone else gets pretty painful headaches after playing videogames, Im not sure if it has to do with my headphones or my monitor.. Any thing helps :)

How long are you playing and what is the lighting in your room like?

I'll usually get a headache if i'm playing the dark. 

I get a headache if I play FPS games and have low frames.  So I turn my setting to get 60+ fps and got a 120hz monitor.  Also low light and bright light where I am playing games can cause it too.

Anytime your eye is under strain can cause a headache, But your headphones are also possible.

Try turning your game's FOV up if adjusting it is an option. Also try sitting farther away from your screen and adjusting the brightness.

Are your headphone clamping? Too tight? I have a large head so if I wear headphones that are designed for smaller headphones I get an almost instant headache (HD 650's/558's are an example for me) as well as HE-300's. They're all really tight across your head.


As previously mentioned, crank the FOV slider to at least 90, and maybe turn on some lights?