HE-500 + Modmic

So, I already have the he-500's and a modmic. But, I have noticed that the magnet in the modmic is strongly attracted to the magnets in the 500's orthodynamic driver. Is this bad? I haven't even turned them on yet as I don't want to ruin the headphones. Is the magnet in the modmic's base going to negatively effect sound quality or break the headphones?



If the magnet is strong enough to attract the metal plate it's probably best not to place there. They're fragile from what I hear, like one drop will damage them. The headphone chassis has a girth to it why not use the width area?

From their QA:

Will the clasp magnet interfere with my headphones?

No, the magnet should not damage nor alter your headphones’ speakers or sound. We’ve tested many headphones and have had no issues or complaints.

This seems like the consensus ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/726689/using-planar-magnetic-headphones-with-modmic-magnets ) 

I tried mounting on the frame but it gets in the way of the headphone cable when in the vertical position. So, I guess ill just mount it normally. 

Go for it.

It's fine.  The modmic magnet is too weak to physically warp any components, and you'd need a fluctuating magnetic field to influence the sound.  You'll be fine.

Thanks. I sent Hifiman an email asking if it was bad and this was their response:


Dear Elliott

Sure indeed. We suggest you use the headphone by following the instruction of users manual. We are not responsible for problems out of users' change at his dispose even if it is in warranty. So please contact us for inquiry when you are sure about the operation.We are always at your service.
Hifiman customer service team