HDMI to receiver, Displayport to monitor

I plan on grabbing a 4k monitor when I upgrade to a GTX 1080 here in about a month. My current AV receiver (Yamaha RX-V377) doesn't support 4k passthrough past 30fps. Could I run HDMI to it from the graphics card while running Displayport to the monitor?

I would test it now, but my TV doesn't accept displayport or 4k. Would hate to spend $1200+ just to find out that I might still be limited to 30 fps or not get any audio to my receiver.

RCA, AUX, and S/PDIF aren't options because I want to retain my real 5.1

Don't see why it shouldn't work. Theoretically I should be able to just clone the display and send the 4k 60fps signal to the receiver without it being a problem. Would like some confirmation before I go spending all that money though.

you could just use display port and have the default audio device be hdmi audio and run it that way

So the graphics card's HDMI can be used as an audio output even if there isn't video being sent with it?

yes in windows audio config there should be a option to set the audio to be from the hdmi port.

I don't see anything that specifically says HDMI. Right now I'm using "Samsung - AMD High Definition Audio Device" as my default audio device, which is the HDMI going through my receiver.
I was under the impression that graphics cards turn off any connections that you don't assign a display to.

you could to try and use something like vga to test it out

My graphics card doesn't have VGA and my TV doesn't accept DVI :\

it should have a dvi to vga adapter when you bought your graphics card.

Threw it away because I didn't think I'd ever need it... SMH at myself

the only way I know you could output to the reciver is by getting a hdmi to vga+audio adapter and a vga dummy plug.

None of those support 4k yet, or 5.1 surround. I'd sooner buy an audio card that has HDMI if I'm buying more components about it.

Update: I contacted the professionals. EVGA support said that it should work, but I might have to clone the screen so the gpu thinks there is two displays, even though only one is getting actual video. Support dude was real cool. Probably grabbing an EVGA when I get my 1080 just because the support was so helpful.