HDMI port on new PC doesn't seem to work

I bought a custom made PC from a local PC shop for home gaming. I connected it to a Samsung 27’’ curved monitor but the monitor won’t detect the PC. I tried plugging it into my TV and it claims no signal. I tried taking it back to the shop but it closed nearly two hours earlier than the business hours posted. Very frustrating. I’m going to try again in the morning but I was wondering if there was some quick fix I might be overlooking.

What are the system specs?

Which HDMI port did you plug the cable into?

Windows 10, i5 quad core, 1TB SSD, Basic graphics card
There’s only one HDMI port on the monitor and only one on the PC.

Have you tried a different HDMI cable?

I’m glad I saw your post for a split second, I rechecked and there is a second HDMI port, it is nearly hidden by a overhang in the case. At first it was plugged into the motherboard.

I would have found it odd that there wouldn’t be one present on the motherboard. Some motherboards will not output to the iGPU if there is a GPU present.

Definitely try plugging it into the other port.

Ah, ok. I read your second post quickly, missed the part about a GPU and thought you used the integrated graphics. In that case, my original posting (about Ryzen not having intergrated graphics and using discrete GPU instead of motherboard connectors) would not have been applicable.

The manufacturer may have disabled the integrated graphics from UEFI if there is a discrete graphics card. This would make the motherboard display connectors inactive.

Ok, I plugged it in and it works! God I feel so dumb but the design is black on black and easy to miss.

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At least it was a simple fix! :beers:

True, I spent 500 dollars on this rig and I was cursing up a storm when it wouldn’t display lol.

This is a very common problem whenever someone gets a new computer, or moves the computer to a new location and needs to re-plug all the cables.

Sometimes the problem presents itself as much-lower-than-expected performance in games, when inadvertently using the iGPU instead of a discrete GPU.

I think the psychology goes like you’re either excited and impatient to use your shiny new toy, or tired since you’ve just finished re-arranging your space, and just plug the cables to the first place you see (usually the motherboard at the top of the back panel).


I once took off a cpu cooler only to find the plastic piece on the bottom was still there, applied paste and completely forgot to remove it :slight_smile:
Upon reinstall temps dropped 15 degrees

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