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HDMI DD+ (e-ac3) / optical DD (ac3)


Does anyone know of a device that will extract the dolby digital plus audio stream from an HDMI source, transcode it to vanila digital and output over optical? I have searched for a decoder, but I cannot find one.

Why? Netflix and Amazon on my Roku only stream digital plus, but my older avr only has an optical input and is limited to decoding ac3.


get a hdcp hdmi to optical?


What do you mean by hdmi to optical?

This ViewHD HDMI audio extractor (Amazon) is pretty close to what I am looking for. It takes hdmi a/v as a source, and outputs audio over SPDIF, but from its description:

The SPDIF optical audio output supports all audio formats up to 5.1CH Dolby Digital 5.1CH / AC3, DTS 5.1CH AND Dolby Digital Plus “DD+” formats. TOSLINK optical audio output does not support higher formats, such as HD audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM5.1 and beyond).

The HDMI output has identical video and audio signals as the A/V signals coming into its HDMI input.

I don’t think it will actually transcode DD+ to DD. I think it will just pass through the optical out whatever audio comes in from the hdmi. Nothing I can find specifically describes transcoding.


Yeah, I feel your pain about DD+ and EAC3. I have an older AVR that can’t decode that and it just won’t work. Unlike Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA that have a backwards compatible stream, DD+ doesn’t have a backwards compatible stream.

Your best bet is to get another used AVR with analog RCA 6 or 8 channel in, then use the sound card analog out.


That is probably the route of least resistance. I am surprised though that such a device isn’t readily available. I guess I am overestimating how many people are holding onto old receivers.