Hdmi crackling sound ubuntu

I've been messing with this all day with no fix, tried Adding tsched=0 to /etc/pulse/default.pa no luck actually made it worse, tried getting rid of pulseaudio and adding alsa that didnt work. looked up audio hardware with aplay -l i tried all and no luck, id really like to get it working if you have any suggestions 

I've tried both and they do the same thing

ya turns out its a problem with 290 drivers the 270x runs fine but i dont have room for it so i'll just use the 3.5 jack

Must be an Ubuntu problem then (you didn't mention what version you were using). HDMI audio support has been integrated into the linux kernel for all graphics hardware for a while now. AMD was first to implement it, and has some more possibilities, but I ran an nVidia laptop as HTPC some time ago with audio over HDMI and that seemed to work fine also, so I guess you're running a pretty old kernel if you're even having HDMI audio problems with AMD. You sure it's not some codec problem or gnash instead of flash or something?

I tried 13.10,14.04 ubuntu, mint, elementary os, and fedora. i think stock 14.04 was kernel 3.14 tried it with latest 3.15 both did same thing, audio is screwy in vlc player,mplayer and youtube even just where you select audio source then test its screwy there to. I've read that there have been problems with the 290 cards on linux i tried the 14.4 and 14.6 drivers and got same result 

i know there based on ubuntu, I used ubuntu strictly for 5 years so its what im used to but its just fighting me it seems, finally got it working through the 3.5 jack did some updates now unity doesnt load its just a desktop fun fun

I'm not a amd fanboy it was just in my budget during my build plus i like a lot of the opensource stuff that they do vs nvidia's proprietary train, that being said my old nvidia stuff worked on ubuntu with little to no issues but thats not saying much it was there low end stuff. if i ran it with intel cpu it was fine but not with my fx so ya thats not confusing 

ya I'm becoming aware of that, maybe I'll pick up an nvidia for my ubuntu drive theres a benchmark on phoronix where open gl was tested and nvidia destroyed amd like a 750 swamped the 290, pretty pathetic. I think the backend of the alt ubuntus still use pulse audio though mint has cinnamon not sure if fedora uses pulse. I re installed 14.04 and did updates in terminal vs the gui and everything except the hdmi are working now so ill leave it alone