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If anyone has done more testing on VR and AMD APU-s, especially the recently released Ryzen 6000 series APU-s, then please do share your experience with them!

Wrote this one mainly to inspire people who might not have the resources for fancier server setups, but who have access to a cheap used laptop that they can use as a starting point to their homelab/self-hosting adventure.

udev rules saved the day (and my sanity) when trying to rely on the Intel Bluetooth adapter instead of the stock Broadcom one.

Not a big fan of Bluetooth :confused:

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I really appreciate that we have such a tool. In some ways it feels like the sanoid and syncoid of btrfs.

With electricity being as pricy as it is, I looked at alternatives to my power-hungry APC UPS. This is what was recommended to me, so I gave it a go. Hasn’t burned my home down so far.

If there’s anyone here who has faced similar issues before, then I’d be more than glad to hear about how you resolved it! Here’s my take on it.

Might be interesting for those who use this PC as a small, efficient home server.

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Software is as complex as you make it.

For those wondering, an ExpressCard to M.2 NGFF adapter can be used to add even more internal storage to your laptop in the form of a short M.2 SSD. Oh, and it’s hotpluggable NVMe storage as well!

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Interesting. Didn’t know there is such a thing!

It was much easier than I would have initially guessed, mostly because other smart people did the hard work and documented it.

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Pretty sure that this community has a number of these lying around in their drawers, not doing much.

The experience was frustrating enough to warrant a separate post on it.

This kind of thing is disappointing. Sadly, most people won’t notice nor care, and companies will keep pushing this further and find more opportunities to cut corners.

You are right. I appreciate you sharing such right words.