HDD wipe

I have a couple old HDD's from my family's craped out PC's, I want to know how to wipe a drive that is not installed in my PC. Can anyone give me instructions or links to sites that will help me.

Magnets. No but really, external drive enclosure is about it. How the hell do you plan on wiping a drive without connecting it to a computer.

Well the best method would be to take a big sledgehammer and you can probably figure out the rest...

If you will be needing those drives later on you will have to figure out how to connect them to your PC one way or another, either as an internal drive or as said by Pip with an external enclosure (just make sure it's the right size (probably either 2.5 or 3.5 inch)

Well I have a way to connect through USB but I don't know how to wipe it with it not being my boot drive.

Magnets are the way to go.