HDD recovery

Hi im looking to build my first gaming PC and to save a lil bit of money i was wondering if i could take my HDD from my current computer (which is 280 GBs) and wipe out everything except the OS (which is windows vista home) any suggestions of places to find free windows 7 OS or whats the cheapest way to do that 


Depends. Is the hard drive EIDE or SATA? And there are ways in which one could download an OS for free but I'm not going to mention it here on the forums. Linux is free until you find what you're looking for. 

I wouldn't reccomend it.

Judging from the size of it, It's an old slow drive.

Harddrive is one of the cheaper components in a pc, so I'd just go for a new one, and eventualyl use the old one as a secondary drive.

Reccomending Western Digital BLACK drives for system use, but most of all, an SSD does the job alot better as an OS disk


how long will an 100 gb ssd last for on a gaming computer?

you dont want to save movies to an ssd.... i could fill 100 gigs within a week of getting my pc... however, a lot of that would be non game / non os related.


assuming you had a normal hdd that was at least 500 gigs, you should be good.


My steam folder is over 338 gigs by itself, i even have over 100 gigs of digital pictures.


shit lol

could i use a small SSD for games and such and the an HDD for everything eles?

Use the small one for boot and os, secondary for games and storage.

how big for the ssd?

At least 128.....I dun like smaller drives, but it can be done on smaller...