Hdd not detected

Hi everyone!

in my new PC i have 2 kingston hyperX 3K and a WD 1TB Black.

the 2 ssd's are ine raid 0 and it works, but the non raid disc (the WD Black) does not show in windows but it does in the BIOS

Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Black edition

Open up Disk Management

Is it there?

You may have to format it to get windows to recognize it.

iirc If it's there you can right click it in disk management and format it

no it s not even there in windows

rectification it s in periferials manager but that s all i can t do anythig with it

assuming the black is a new drive without usage you'll have to format it through disk managment


Does it even show up in disk management? if it does do that.

Don't format if you have data on the drive. It will be lost

you might have to set up the single  drive as a single drive in your  raid bios.

so it showes up but it says ti s for the system and it has 1Go of free space

download a live usb of linux and run gparted

use gparted to format the drive