HDD Just died :( In search for SSD!

Hey guys, thanks for clicking on this topic.

So my HDD just crapped itself and when i plug the power cable into it it doesnt even spin up and start moving. It also got real hot and a smell started to appear from it. My further investigations lead to me actually burning my finger tip because imo it was about to literally explode on me in a mushroom cloud.

So, now im on my netbook and im looking around for a HDD to replace my old one, when it came to my attention that i should get a SSD instead.  So after looking around i found the OCZ Vertex 4 128GB for $109 which is in my price range as i would have bought a Seagate Barracuda 1TB anyway for $90, Storage size isnt a HUGE deal for me as i do have a 4TB NAS which i save all my movies and other large project stuff to but obviously as much local storage space I have the better. 

This is where I am wanting all of your help, I dont know a lot about SSD's as this would be my first one. I have seen some good things about OCZ drives but i also have seen good things about the Corsair drives too. With the details i have told you all about price and storage is their a drive that is better than this one maybe for a little extra cash, which is fine, or one equally as good but cheaper. I just really need some other opinions and recomendations because im a noob at this stuff and i wanna get back to gaming!

Thanks again for reading and any suggestions left would be greatly appreciated. 

What netbook do you have?

Just got an email this morning from Newegg and they have the 128gb Samsung 830 SSD for 79.99. I have seen it a little bit cheaper last week and bough one.

I have a ProBook 5320m but that is a study computer, its my desktop pc HDD that raped itself. Sorry guys should have clarified better

Yeah the samsung 830 and crucial m4 are i believe the finest ssd's on the market right now. Please correct me if im wrong

Samsung 840-series

Intel 520-series

Corsair Neutron GTX

Plextor M5 Pro

Thanks a lot guys, really helped. I checked them all out and i found the Samsung 830 was the cheapest going for just $99 dollars. 


Also can i ask, what makes a SSD better over another. They talk about read and write speeds, im guessing the more the better and im not sure what IOPS is either?

I went with the adata back in july for 110bucks worked great for a few hours then BSOD...many hours spent troubleshooting updates,reinstall etc...returned it spent an extra 30 bucks on a intel 120g 520. Plugged it in did an install updates all ready to go. From what ive read its alot to do with firmware. I would spend $30 dollars to have that time back anyday.