HDD Installation + Ram Problems?

( Cooperman if you are reading this check out the finished product!)


Ok back to the point I has two problems here I am installing my HDD so I'll attach a pic of it as you can see the left plug is the power to it from the Power Supply the middle plug is the SATA cable from it to the motherboard and the right plug.... Well what the hell is that please tell me what I need to put in there cause I can't find anything that fits


Before I continue I would like to say I have not installed windows 7 yet it's still being posted if that changes anything Now for the second problem I bought and installed this ram http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-CORSAIR-VENGEANCE-16GB-1600MHz-CML16GX3M2A1600C10-DDR3-KIT-CHEAPEST-PRICE-/151153507013?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_MemoryRAM_JN&hash=item2331737ac5 

So it's corsair vengance 16gb 1600 mhz but why In the Bios screen below say this? or does that have nothing to do with it i'm just curious cause it says all I have is,:        Total Memory 8176 Mb (DDR3 1333mhz) 

SO it one of them not working and why is the MHZ 1333 please help?


The cable management is a mess...

anyway about the memory, first check if both modules seated correctly in slot 1/3 or 2/4 dual channel.  reseat them again, next to that you have to go to advanced mode in the bios, and you have to set the  modules at 1600mhz by hand. advanced mode ai-tweaker then ram frequancy  is set to auto by default change it to 1600mhz.

About your HDD the left connector is indeed the power the midle is your sata cable the right connector is NOT a connector!!! you dont have to connect anything to that.

yes i know its a mess I'm still a first time builder  but as far as where i have them in I followed the motherboard manual here I'll send you a pic and i'll try to complete the other things once it recognises both of them here is the pic

Thats right huh? also is there a certain direction you need them? like facing the heatsink or away i have the logo facing away from the heatsink


Make sure the little notch on the bottom matches the socket. Make sure the clips are lulled back. Now line one stick  (so the notch matches), then push HARD until the little clips click into place. Lay the machine flat on a table or floor so you are fine. 

I would recommend that you avoid switching your ram to 1600 and setting timings until after you have finished everything and gotten everything running. Also, if you have an intel processor you can simply use an xmp profile.

As stated above, you hdd is fine so long as it has power and a sata connection.

YES! I did it I think when i first installed them I didn't push hard enough on one and i probably ended up just flicking the little white switch into it with my finger but this time i pushed hard enough to make it clip in it's self thanks a billion now its says      Total Memory: 1638mb YAY! and if for increasing it to 16000 mhz I'll take the guy under you advice ( ps no i dont have an intel processor its an AMD FX-8350 ) so once i get set up and all then i'll increase it to 1600 mhz and good that the HDD is fine thanks allot doods

btw is the cable management thaaaat important?

well for the airflow it is. important..

you can install the rams  in the blue slots or the black slots, slot 1/3 or 2/4..like you probably did now. about setting them  to 1600mhz by hand,  read my post above, i own the same motherboard ;-)

p.s im a girl ☺

lol what? I know your a girl? What makes you think I didn't

because you ended you previous post with thanks alot doods lol :D

cable management provides better air flow and leads to lower temps.  Also tucking the cables away reduces the dust in your system.  Also a matter of pride, you just built an awesome computer, you should put some good workmanship into it.