HDD Constantly Reving up

ok so my 2 month old HDD is doing something rater odd, every 5 sec it slowly revs up and shakes the table slightly, then revs back down. its quite annoying! anyone have any suggestions other then buying a new hdd.

Is this an external HDD? What interface is it using? Are you using any portable programs off of it? If it's an internal HDD, what do you have installed there and is it your main drive?

its an internal, sata. main drive. the hdd light does not blink and it continues to do this. its like a pulse of rev then goes down, then a pulse of rev. the hdd works perfectly fine.

It sounds like your spin up times and spin down times are funked.


Install that and paste the S.M.A.R.T data of your hard drive, it could be anything from bad readings to a broken hard drive.

i am not professional about it. It helps me too! ^_^


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