HDD buying recommendation

Hi all, I'm having a little problem with buying a new hdd. The end has come to my old wd green, so I would like to buy a 2TB drive thats reliable (mostly for music games and such). The problem is I don't know what drive to buy. I have a budget of about 70 euros (100 USD). I would buy a Hitachi but there is a limited availability in my country so it is WD, Seagate or Toshiba. I have been using WD since I bought my first PC, and it has never failed me, but I have been hearing some bad things about WD greens and blues. What do you think what hdd should I buy? WD, Seagate or Toshiba? Thanks a lot for the help.

Toshiba drives are made by Hitachi and they are some of the most reliable drives on the market. Just look at a few reviews though because the reliability varies by model.