HDD Burn in

I see Wendel talk about using different tools to "stress test" SSDs and the like, and I find myself in need of doing the same with a few drives I have.  I want to do a burn in on a few 3TB drives to make sure they're good and stable before I try to put anything on them again.  They were in a RAID 5 and 2 of them dropped a couple of weekends ago and I am just now getting to seeing if the drives are the issue or of the controller is.  

I have done some Googling and found the best solution so far to be doing a Butterfly scan using the HDDScan tool.  I am running that now, but will definately be open to suggestions other wise.  I know that the program should ideally fill the drive with data, check for the integrity of the data, then get rid of it, doing that about 3-5 times to ensure stability and reliability.

Thanks in advance, 


It was called Anvil. I think this was the article. So there you go. http://techreport.com/review/24841/introducing-the-ssd-endurance-experiment

Also this was asked before. A quick search will usually give you some answers. 

Thanks.  And ya, I likely could have done a better job of searching.  I just glanced through the first page or two of threads and nothing popped out.

Not a problem I have done the same before.