HD7970 (Code43) - SSD System transfer - more

Hello all..

Ok, So I resently bought and installed two [Gigabyte HD7970]s and a 128Gb SSD.

Installed the cards fine, drivers are up to date (so they say)
Had a lot of trouble with the SSD and HDD, but thats all fine and working, partioned it, have access and all that jam.. Could use some help with Driver updates and copying windows 7 to my ssd.

First off - Code 43, After a google search it seems to be a driver issue.. But the drivers are up to date bleh bleh..
I found a program to update all my old drivers, scanned my computer apparently a heap of my drivers are fucken ancient but to update through that program will cost me 50 bucks.. ye nah.

So, just got rid of my code 43 error but cant crossfire now.. checked the drivers "working Properly" and "up to date"

Is there a free program I can use to mass update drivers without spending stupid money?


Second - I had real trouble getting my computer to boot off the correct HDD (I know bios, boot priority.. didnt help though cards just didnt show up with all of it plugged in) once I plugged everything in again.. but thats since been fixed and the SSD is working and partioned.

Question, whats the simpliest way of putting JUST windows 7 on to the 128Gb SSD?.. Anything else ill do myself manually at a later date.

Think thats it, Thank you all :)


OK Crossfire is now working and drivers are fine.

But still need to update the rest of my drivers..

A clean install following the guide above is highly recommended . More often than not, migrating a existing install is more hassle than its worth.

Mmm.. Thats just a huge hassle, resets all my settings aswell doing a clean install, I read somewhere theres really no difference between migrating and a clean install, is that true?

Also Any ideas or suggestions on a program to mass up date the rest of my drivers?

As far drivers goes Windows does some with the update function, but i always try and go and update from the manufacturer of a given item, say like amd and your video cards for a example. I personally cant recommend mass driver update programs as they always cost if they work right. Most i tried rarely work as well as going to the source.

Migrating sucks imo, old drivers, old files, old registry, all things that have the potential to mess something up.

Sure its a hassle to update drivers at time but alot of issues people have with PC's are usually down to out dated/corrupted drivers. 

It can't be that many drivers anyway? Motherboard/Chipset drivers and GPU drivers, along stuff like java/flash/divx web player..... most things game related are installed when you install the game and things like .net framework arre all done through windows update.

Yes it takes time but a clean install is always nice when you get new hardware. 

Yup, shortcutting is more than likely gonna lead you right back to clean install anyway. So its easier to do it right the first time.