HD7950 or 660ti

My friend is choosing between these and can't make up his mind, so which one and why?

This is really just a case of personal choice. If you are intending to do video rendering using Adobe then the 660 would be the way to go as Adobe works well with Nvidia cards. If you are planning on using Sony then the 7950 works well with that card. If it is just for gaming then it just goes back to personal choice. I have been told the drivers for AMD based GPUs are quicker to market than Nvidia so that might be a reason to go with the HD7950. Hope this has been of some help.  

In short get the 7950, it will be faster and overclock better than the 660ti, and minus adobes suite as EVO said OpenCL is in more porgrams and runs a bit better than CUDA

Ive been telling a lot of people this as of late, get the 7950, you get Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. I myself own the 660 Ti and it works wonders, but right now I would buy the 7950 because of the games you get.

Allright, he's getting the hd7950. The reason I posted this is because he won't listen to me cause I use a GTX680, even though I kept telling him the hd 7950 was better for the money.

If it is just for gaming go with the 7950, it preforms well and it comes with Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite.  It is a stellar card.