HD for PFsense box

I would go with a Samsung 850 pro SSD.
Very reliable and fast.
Allthough the EVO´s are basicly cheaper.

Unless there is money to burn, isn't an SSD grotesque overkill?

I think that the speed would be worth it.
Allthough the samsung pro ssd´s might be a bit too expensive for op.

No. You can get small SSDs for dirt cheap. I use a pcengine apu2c4 board for pfsense and put a 32GB mSATA SSD for 20€ in it. I have it in production for the last ~3 years and the SSD shows no sign of weakness. Write speed is not really faster then cheap hard drives (around 40MB/s), read speed is ~240MB/s and random reads are way faster than hard drives and access times are way faster too.

I only see ssd drives relevant for chache if your running a 10gb network especially with teaming.


Grammar and spelling aside, caching makes sense if you have a slow internet connection. Most people don't have gigabit internet. So fetching from a local copy at wire speed is much faster than waiting for it to download again.

Thanks, sweet setup.

Yea i ment network not WAN, sorry for Grammer I'm pulling 8 days of 12hr 3rd shift + hour commute.

I wouldn't spend too much money on it to be honest. In my experience if there was any performance difference in using squid on a network with only a small number of users it was a negative one. As in it was slower with the cache.

Your browser already has a cache so unless you have a lot of users hitting the same content frequently most of the time you're only adding latency as you have to check each cache and the web server for a new version everytime. So the time it takes to load the content from the cache may be quick, but by the time you've done all the checks it would have been d quicker just to get it from the internet.

That's my experience anyway. Unless you have a lot simultaneous users and cache hits you're not going to be able to tell the difference between a crappy mechanical disk and a fast SSD, the time it takes to deliver a few mb of data it nothing compared to the latency of the cache system.

So yeah, I wouldn't spend too much money on it, atleast not until you've done some tests to see if it's worthwhile.

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