HD 7950 or GTX 760

I have around $250 to spend on a replacement GPU for my 560 Ti.  I'll be using this card mainly for gaming (FFXIV ARR).  I see differing benchmarks when it comes to comparisons between the HD 7950 and GTX 760.  I'm leaning towards the 7950 for it's extra VRAM (incase I decide to go 1440p in the future), but I'm hesistant to go AMD as they are working on their frame latency issues with DX9 titles still.  Opinions?  It would be nice to hear from people using either of these cards, and if you've got the 7950 running 13.8 drivers

You can get the Twin Frozr 7950 for $200. The 7950, once overclocked, is comparable to an overclocked GTX770 and even an overclocked 7970.

Plus 3 free games.

Bit of a no brainer.

The 7950 is superior to the 760. The 7950 is equal to a 770, but is a good amount cheaper and you get games!

Performance numbers are all well and good, but how is perceived smoothness?  Noticeable stuttering??  Personally I couldn't care less about the games and can't be bothered to sell them off.

Most of the issues with AMD are found with a crossfire setup. Those problems are slowly being eliminated. Anything else you've heard is Nvidia fanboy nonsense, and I happen to run a GTX780, not being bias here.


7950 is a stupidly good buy. Competing with the 770 at 1440p.

Thanks Berserker!

What benchmarks are you using/refering too, i don't think that's true?

Check the video I posted further down in the thread. It's common knowledge. You have to ignore the benchmark reviews that leave their cards at stock values.


Update:  Just placed my order in.  :]  Can't wait to tweak it.

Powercolour? Looks nice.

Yep!  It baffles me why there are so many blue and red PCBs for the 7000 series.  Been hearing a lot of good things about this series of Powercolor/Club3d.

Finally got my 7950 PCS+ in the mail today.  Was able to ramp up the core clock to 1150mhz from 880mhz and the memory clock to 1575mhz from 1250mhz on 1.2v :] Pretty satisfied with the purchase overall.  Maxes out all the games I play while remaining cool (65-70c) and quiet.

Give us benchmarks......MUST HAVE DATA!

Good choise. I would also have gone with the HD 7950. Cheaper and WAY, WAY better performance in 1440p! Plus 3 free games which can be worth 150 dollars, so yeah, good choise!

Key word issues. This review is nice and Linus knows his stuff, but take in mind 1440p requires high VRAM. Comparing GPU with inferior VRAM will always be a lower frame rate. 3gs v.s. 2gs = uneven comparesion.

Personally I'm purchasing EVGA GTX 760 4gs for my Acer 2560x1440p, and probably SLI ones Crysis 3 graphic engine becomes the norm with today's games.

Nothing beats reliability, and EVGA drivers/Products have never let me down.

My 2 cents of course.

Gratz on your powercoloer. Nice numbers for a GPU that cost around $200 only hope the saying "get what you paid for" is fail literature.