HD 7870, Socket AM+3 Motherboard and 650 watt psu

I just recently upgraded my build and am looking to sell my old computer parts.

I have a Radeon HD 7870 Ghz edition made by Gigabyte

A 970FXA-UD3 Gigabyte mobo socket am+3 (for FX series CPU)

and a 650 watt NZXT PSU

They all have about a year and a half of, what i would call moderate, use.

I would like 200 for the entire set, however Id be willing to negotiate because frankly I don't have the space for it all.

Also I might be interested in selling a 22 or 24 inch (I cant remember) Polaroid television 1080p (with an HDMI 1.4 cable). Very nice for gaming, I used to use this as my main display, 60hz native. asking price ($80)

Please post a picture of the items with your username for proof.

i would totally by the graphics card off you, so how much??


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You need to add picture with your nickname and date on a piece of paper viewable, on the picture, just for physical proof. We will give you 48 hours to add physical proof, or else the topic will be locked.

Also setting a price would be appreciated

Grtz Angel ☺

How much would you be willing to part with the PSU for?

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