HD 7870 for After Effects


i am ging to Build a Computer. but i am not quiet sure with the Video-Card...

My System so far: i52370K - 16gb corsair RAM


so, i will use the computer for cs6, to be exact, After Effects. I heard, that it is pretty important to have CUDA processors, but the HD 7870 doesn't have some. Only Nvidea GPU's have. 


Is this true? Should i buy an gtx 360 or is the 7870 just fine?

Have you considered purchasing a professional grade video card? Or do you also need the video card to be capable of running games? http://www.newegg.com/Professional-Graphics-Cards/SubCategory/ID-449

sadly, my budget doesn't support that much money :(

And, jeah, in my spare time, i play some games, maybe twice a week ^^

Well then, if Nvidia has CUDA cores and you need CUDA, then I recommend getting something in the GTX 6xx series