HD 6970 or HD 7950 or GTX 670

I found on newegg they have a HD 6970 for around $240 or so. So My question is which is better should i get it, I mean it did come out in Dec 2010 or should i get the 7950 or 670. The 670 is over my budget but if its a better option I'll manage with the intel hd graphics until I get it. Please help me with this guys and gals.

The 7950 is the best deal and only comes in a little under the 670. The 6970 is way behind the rest. The one to save up for would be the gtx 770 4gb, but that would be about $450. If you can wait, it would be worth it.

**Get a dual fan version of the 7950. They run a little hot so the custom coolers really make a difference and keep it quiet.

7950 in pure gaming performance is the best of the 3 so yeah i would go for it. Msi 7950 twinfrozer or sapphire 7950 oc vapor X

It could be either the 7950, or the 670. It depends on your game preferences, and the rest of your system specification. My personal choice would be the 7950. It has the best performance across more games, and it has been known to beat the 680.

It comes with a fantastic games bundle, too. Including Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, and Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

The 7950 is a great card, but its important to note that it only beats the 680 when the 680 is limited by its vram (a little slower, but more importants it only has 2 gb.) The 670 also beats the 7950 in most games by far... but only by a very small margin...

What's most important is the 7950 comes at a great value.. and getting the custom coolers.... the stock cooler is loud as fu**.

The 7950 beats the 670 is most games, in recent times. I can show you some of the latest benchmarks from Linus Tech Tips.

Historically, the 670 always beat the 7950, but no longer. Especially when the 7950 is overclocked. And I would agree that the 7950 beats the 680 on higher resolutions, when Vram can help. But, that just goes to show, that the 7950 is a great performer for the price, and generally the better card.

Well I'm a graphic design student and I playa when I can. But I want a card that's capable of running two monitors which is what I have now. I don't plan on using both monitors for gaming that's only for when I'm doing hw or personal projects in Adobe. I would prefer if the card can stay under $450.

Any of the higher-end cards will suit your gaming needs. Question is, will the design software benefit from Nvidias Cuda cores. What software do you use? Any of the GPUs will run two monitors, with one gaming.

Why are we comparing overclocked card with stock card?

Adobe is better optimised for Cuda cores which Nvidia cards provide, so you're better off with 670.

FYI, the GTX 770 is out now and you can get that for $400, and take full advantage of cuda. If you get the 4gb vram model you could easily use both monitors for work AND gaming. The 4gb model is $450, but is hard to find right now.