HD 5850 or GTX 470?

Currently I'm running a fairly budget system: C2D E7200, 4 gigs of 800MHz RAM, and a 9800 GTX+. I was checking out Microcenter and it seems they have a 5850 in stock, as well as a Q9300(Need a cheap 775 quad core). My question is, should I get a 5850 now and OC it, or wait, pay the extra $50, and get a GTX 470(if I can find one in stock, that is ).

Appreciate any and all input!

I would  go with the 470. Though I like NVIDIA better so I am not the best person to ask.

470, CUDA, Physx, better performance, worth 50 dollars.

second that.

I'll have to third that. You get more features with the 470 and better performances, especially w/ AA & Tessellation.

Take note that I'm not a fanboi of neither...the 470 just seems like the better choice right now.

Id say the gtx470..
Totally worth the 50 extra

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but then I took into account the availability of the 470, and my case. I have only two case fans. However, currently my 9800 and CPU stay well within their limits, but if it grinds down to overheating, I can still add another 120mm and 80mm fan.

Thanks guys, GTX 470 it is.

Great choice! Enjoy your new hardware if it gets in stock. Haha.

if power consumption is not a problem for u, then GTX470! other wise HD5850 is the good!

GTX 470. the extra cash is worth it to not have to use the awful ATI drivers.

Come to think of it AMD claimed that they'll be very short of the 5000 series soon.

I believe my PSU can handle it, although it's fairly budget. It's a Rosewill 630 Watt PSU with a single 12v rail rated at 53 amps. 1 6 pin, and one 6+2 pin PCI express connector. Well, we'll soon see .

other: radion x1300

shit kicks ass, 10 fps on cs:s with low settings!!!!!

(realy, get the ati card)

It's not actually out of stock. It just says that because it is not out yet. It is supposed to be out around the 12th.


I have to say, after looking at Trubritar's 480 vs 5870 videos, I'm surprised. Maybe it'll improve with newer drivers...