HD 4850 Fan Problem

I have this weird problem that my fan speed is at 100% on catalyst but when I put my hand over the fan I can't feel the air getting sucked in. I've had this GPU for almost 5 years and I've searched for this problem, cleaned the heatsink, but it's still staying at 63/64 C at idle.

If any of you guys has a tip or anything I'd be more than glad to listen to it. Thank you in advice


Have you actually stuck your hand in the fan ? Or maybe use a cable tie, just to see if it is running ? It might be stopping, if the fan is knackered. 


Otherwise, if you can find one of these Zalman fans, maybe secondhand...change it..





The fan might be just fine, could be the thermal paste or pad that is on the gpu itself is completely dried up on the heat dissipation is terrible, and if this is the cause it pretty simple to replace. All you gotta to so take off the plastic shroud that is covering the unit, most pop off or they are screwed on just look around at your model, that remove the heat sink of the card it self should just be the 4 screws on the back of the card near the center, then just replace the paste with something non conductive like cremqiue by arctic silver, or Tuniq TX 2 or 4 both very good paste, apply a little to the core of the gpu and replace the sink like you would with your CPU just let the heat sink spread it and reassemble the card. This i hope should help solve your issues!

Coming back with some feedback on my problem, I've managed it to keep the temperature of the fan at about 50 C by putting the chasis fan blowing straight onto the heatsink and I meet another problem, when playing games the overlay rendering is at a horrible pixelated style but the game itself is running smooth.