Haw many dead 5950x CPUs you had to deal with?

Hi, can someone tell about how many dead defective or fast dig redated AMD 5950x 3950x that had problems on constant load, tell about your practice have to deal with for your self or with clients in the last years. Also tell about your practise about Intel 12900 if had some problems, thank you for all the response. We had many 3600x 5600x defective in our local market.

I haven’t heard of one dying yet. Not even on forums or from third parties online. To be honest, since the release of the 5950x, this is the first time i’ve ever seen a thread talking about it.

But then again, that’s just my personal experience. It’s entirely possible I just somehow dodged them all.

My own 5950x has been working great without any problems since i bought it at launch - it’s not super stressed much, but i have had it on and running practically every day since it arrived. I almost never turn it off.

I use a IceGiant Pro-Siphon Elite cooler. so it’s got pretty good low-maintenance cooling.

I have not worked in PC repair professionally for a long time. So I do not have a very large sample size to work from.

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Good to hear, but there is third parties online page that 5950x failure rate is 16%. Ryzen 5000 failure rates: We reality-check the claims | PCWorld
But mainly now about after 3 ears passed many 3600x are getting unstable and brought to repair centres, with strange instabilities mainly caused by cpu failure even not handling games that don’t stress CPU 100%, the work normally for office work but something more give crashes.

Umm… did you mean to link a different article? I didn’t see 16% anywhere in that one. they seem to indicate it’s anywhere from 2% to 3%. Even the initial batch they mentioned where 19 out of 320 failed the tests, that’s only 5.9%


I was just going to say, the linked article has the highest “failure” rate at about 3% and that is only failure under specific memory configurations. General failure would be much lower than that.


I think you are overly worried about somethi g that is an extrememly small number of potential failures.

Like others have said, it is not a common sight to see then reported as dead. To the point that outside Liquid Nitrogen Extreme OC stuff i havnt heard of any due, but i am also not looking.

All that to say if it was 16% i would have heard about it. That getti g on for nearly a 5th of the CPUs and being that the 5950X is your focus those they the highest binned “best” desktop class cores which are more expensive and not something you just write off 16% of.

I think, this is not actuallty anything to worry about.

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Maybe there’s some secret EMP weapons testing :slightly_smiling_face: going on in your area or some other kinds of abnomaly that would case a high failure rate or it’s some statistical outlier due to low sample size?

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Maybe, but just local repairs are getting specific cpu like say mainly 3600x 5600x, nothing clear about other models failing in large numbers.

That article goes to some lengths to make clear that the only company reporting anything odd was PowerGPU and they did jt is a tweet that they then deleted…

Yeah that sounds really like an over reacting annoyed and wanted to vent.

AMD stayed really quiet saying it was isolated, and every other Systems Integrator they contacted said there is no issue with them and they move more systems than Power GPU.


The only one that reported anything odd even said they are testing for full loaded ram at high frequenct and low latency, they fail that test more frequently that they like, around 3%, but the CPUs are not dead at all, they never indicated any died at all, just they they don’t run at the extremes of performance stably.

There’s nothing clear about any of them failing in “large numbers”. Your concern is a big nothing burger.

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I am only telling what is happening now close to me, am asking what is happing with other models of PCU in other markets.

In that case, what is the source and numbers of such where you are as this is definitely news if its true.


This is very common these days in every industry. Motorization in the blind industry where I work is rampant. Asian manufacturers are dumping garbage with known defects from factory. You have to become an expert at testing before you get to the clients location. Returns are also impossible. They will not take anything back or jumping through several time consuming hoops. US distribution channels are sticking you with faulty or damaged articles too because Asia doesn’t do returns. Asia just apologizes (tough luck). I know several suppliers which have dumpstered half and full loads. Switching suppliers is the result. Initial orders from suppliers are as sold but after initial order, it’s a race to the bottom reducing costs all the way to garbage.

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That’s true, it’s a race to the bottom in many cases.