Having trouble getting 3 screens to work on my 7970

I know for a fact all the screens work,but i can't get my rig to let me have 3 running,i have the active display port adapter that came with the card when i got it when they first came out,i also have a rocketfish rf ap306 display port adapter if i use the rocketfish,windows see's the third screen,but the AMD driver does not,and windows has it set as disabled,and when i set it to extend,windows says"Unable to save display settings."


If i use the one that came with my card i don't hear the normal windows beep,and it does not show up in windows or the AMD driver,i even tried switching the display ports that they are plugged into,and it made no difference.


Did you set up eyefinity?


No i did not,but i had used 3 screens without it before,plus i have 1 1080p,and 2 1280x1024 screens.