Having some overheating issues on an 8350 with a h55

Its idleing at 38-40C and after I play a game its about 55-60c.  I dont let it get above 63c but prime95 hits that mark in about a minute.

Could the problem be my paste? (Artic Silver Ceramique2)

May need to reset it. Maybe a better fan with higher static pressure. Mostly that cooler strikes me as alittle small for the cpu. I have a h100 that does 17 to 20 idle and 35 to 37 gaming.  Also may be something simple like improving the case air flow. Ya  after looking at your case, Push Pull with a higher grade fans or a better cooler.

Well the h55 is a pretty bad cooler. But still you shouldn't be seeing those temps. Have you got it oc? If so loose the oc and keep it stock. But if you haven't you might need to get some sp120's to cool it better.

It is stock. 4.0Ghz @ 1.32v

I even disabled the turbocore stuff.

I think im just going to order an h100...

Well to be honest, i think even though i got okay results from my h100 . I think there are better cooler options . Higher quality rads and maybe even air cooling. This is my first rad but there are plenty of people here that can help you with better rad choices.

I have tried that thermal paste and it is not the best, try Arctic MX-4 or TIM Consultants Quantum.

Also what are the ambient temps of the room?

After a little research the common consensus is that you will need at least a H 80 or H 90 or equivalent . As far a the H100 goes it has a few flaws that have to be overcome. One is the overvolting of the pump motor which makes it necessary to put it on a fan controller to reduce the voltage. The second is the stock fans which are loud and not the best fans they make for static pressure.Corsair makes a high static pressure fan thats rates at 3.2 sp which is better suited for the h 100 . I took a aircool fan controller and some cougar vortex pwm with a sp of 2.2 and a db of 17 and it worked fine. Corsair sp fans at 3.2 would work better but they would be louder.

look at the phanteks tp_tc-14pe  its a high end air cooler and its a beast when it comes to cooling.  I just dont think premade water coolers are worth it.  Custom loops are much better but cost way more then a high quality air cooler.

CPU temps mean nothing without giving us the ambient temp to work with as fishymanba mentioned.


Little things like turning the rad around and intaking air from the outside instead of from the inside of the case may help. Removing the second hdd rack for better airflow from the front fans . Higher grade of thermal compound. Higher grade of fans. Really the cooler is your weakest link with your rig.


Yeah cause you can throw any old water or air cooled setup you want at cooling a cpu but if it's 90f ambient you're not gonna get anywhere. You would have to get refrigeration. :)


I got some promo stuff today from my 8350 purchase,,, i got 2 SP120s for 6 bucks.

Good deal!

After some research I was going to get a swiftech H220, 3 times the price as my h55 was. buit i hope it will be worth it.