Having problems with a new build

Recently decided to build a new pc for gaming, and i actually got the part list from this web site.


I used the parts from this list with a few exceptions, in addition to the mushkin ram i also have corsair vengence ram:


and the power supply i have is a 1000w BFG:


Another note i'm using an older HDD while I wait for my SSD to come in.


Now then the problem I'm having is when i try to install the driver for the graphics card windws will lock up and force me to reset. On reset sometimes it wont make it past the BIOS screen.

It is something unstable probably the ram. Make sure the ram is running the correct votage frequency etc. If it does it is probably broke. It can be something different but it is ussually the memory. Good luck!

I looked it up, and it might be a card faliure. Do you have another card to test with?

Video card? Yes i think i have an older NVIDIA i could borrow.

Update: Switched cards and drivers and still having the same problem


Double check to make sure you have the right updated drivers you are trying to install for the right card etc. Get them direct from the website. Uninstall any previous video drivers you've installed. Did you mess with any of the BIOS settings? Try defualt. Try installing it in safe mode. Is the BIOS up to date? Update it. If all fails, try installing the OS again clean.