Having NAT issues on our Network

In our house I set up a router on both sides of our house. One is the standard modem/router combo and the other is just a router with a ethernet cable connected to the modem. The modem/router combo is a Ubee and the router is a Linksys.

When I join a party (PS4 party) with my brothers on Router 2 I get NAT type issues even though it states in the Playstation connection status that our NAT type is type 2. This keeps us from being able to communicate with one another in party chat. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?

Being that the first one is going to be the firewall (I assume) for the house have you turned it off on router two (If not make sure that you are routing traffic correctly). But there might be a server issue from the PSN as they are trying to send the packet to the same IP address and when it hits your home its not translating correctly and isnt being pushed to the correct PS4.

Or I could be going at it from the wrong end and this is just wastful spam.

Do you have one running as DCHP server and the second running as a switch? or are you trying to run a NAT behind a NAT?

The second one is in bridge mode, could that be the issue?

A bridge traditionally only uses two ports. that might cause a problem i don't know the manufacturer is defining bridge mode for that router. I am assuming it is a consumer grade router and not a $2000+ cisco Router. So that could be it.

Yes that is it, thanks for the help. I'm going to try assigning static I.P. adresses to see if that fixes the problem, I'll update this post after I try it

additionally you may want to add that IP to the DMZ on your router. This will place the node ( Play Station ) outside of the firewall this will insure that all needed ports are open to the Web. Keep in mind that this puts a device on your network OUTSIDE of your firewall.