Having my two graphics cards plugged in disables my network card? :o

Right, so I got my second GTX 970 this morning, and had to move my network card to the top slot so it would fit below my first card. Weird thing is, when I have both graphics cards plugged in, it's like the PCI-E slot that my network card is in just disabled. The only network device that shows up in my network connections is my ethernet port. Why is this? I'm not going to swap my graphics card in and out whenever I need to use the internet. :|

Help plz.

Edit: I have tested multiple times, the network card works perfectly fine when the second graphics card is taken out but doesn't seem to exist when it's in.

Maybe you're running out of PCI-e lanes, what CPU what motherboard? Also check your bios to see how it's doing power management

Also you totally should just return the second 970, do you already have a 4k display for the 2 cards?

could you provide some more system specs details?
would be handy.

i5 6600k
Corsair CS750M 80+ Gold
ASUS B150 Pro Gaming D3 mobo
2x ASUS GTX 970 Strix
ASUS PCE-AC56 wireless network card

And I'm trying to get enough juice to run ARK: Survival Evolved.

I'll attempt to check my power management.

ai your motherboard is the problem.
Your B150 chipsetboard does not support Sli.
So you wont be able to utilize Sli.
You need a Z170 chipset board to be able to use two Nvidia cards in Sli.

Still weird that your pci-e X1 lan card gets disabled, but it might have something to do with that.

Why do you have an i5 6600k with such a low end motherboard....

Otherwise I mean this video is 6 months old but is the game still in early alpha/beta? Nothing is going to run it well really

How can you tell that it doesn't support SLI?

SLI boards have to be certified and are required to be x8/x8

I think you could run crossfire if you had 2 AMD cards for something like a 10% performance hit due to the x4 slot on the bottom

your lanes at x16 and x4

How long ago did you buy all this?

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I got most of it about a month after Skylake came out I think. I only just bought the second 970.

Because the B150 chipset does not support sli.
The first pci-e x16 slot is connected with 16 lanes, and the second pci-e x16 slot is connected with 4 lanes.
For Sli you need a minimal of 8 lanes per slot.
And therefor Sli will not work.

Only Z170 chipset supports sli.
But also even not all Z170 boards support sli.
The cheaper Z170 boards mostly dont.

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Well, blame whoever put it together for chosing those odd parts, dunno if you can still return most of it, but you could end up with a fair better build I think

Otherwise you'd need a motherboard upgrade, or to sell/return the 970s for AMD cards

Crossfire is supported on this Asrock B150 board, should translate anyways, crossfire pretty much lets you do whatever so long as the cards are close enough to be compatible and you have 2 physical x16 slots

Intel's B150 chipset doesnt support SLI as the you will need x8 x8 but you have one at the full x16 bandwidth with the second limited to x4

Also if you aren't using DDR3L you should stop using your PC until you lower the voltage on your RAM or get proper DDR3L memory, DDR3 isn't supported and may cause damage

So long story short you need to upgrade your motherboard to a Z170 board with Sli support.

I could give you some recommendations if you like too,
depeding on your. budget.

DDR3 on skylake shouldnt be a problem,
since most D3 boards support DDR3 upto 1866Mhz.
Which will run a minimum of 1.5V or 1.65V

Yes please, something midrange, not too cheap, not too expensive. Is that the only thing I need to change? I'm running 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3

Isn't the memory controller still integrated on the CPU though?

You'd have to buy new RAM too, if only I coulda help ya before, seriously though you could probably just run 2 AMD cards

or just return the 970 and get a single stronger GPU like a Fury/980, you'd have less issues anyways, does that game even have dual GPU support yet?

Not officially but there are workarounds that do work.