Having issues with my build :( Asus R290 Direct Cu II

AMD FX 6300
Asrock 980DE3/U3S3
DDR3 8Gs
Asus R290 Direct Cu II
Corsair CX750

Having issues with black screening, I've tried all the drivers and not installing amd catalyst,updateing bios on card and board.Im using a 8x2 and a 6x2 from my psu but the 8x2 is an adapter, just wondering if anyone with the same card might be able to help me out

There is a long history of defective 290's being sold as DOA. Do you have another Radeon card to test with?

I don't have another card or board to test with do u think i should try to get another board and test it to see if the card is bad

There are many cases of 290's and 290x's being shipped with bios instability. If you have already flashed it to the newest stable bios then you may need to RMA the card. Good Luck

This card was working in another board before this so i think its the board.

I've had nothing but bad experience with Asus cards...

why did you have to use an adapter? psu comes with 2 pci-express power plugs that can do 2x8pin

Yeah sounds like it may be a power issue.

I would personaly send that Asus 290 DCII back and ask for a refund, or a change it for a Sapphire 290 Tri X OC.
The Asus DCII is well known of having overheating issues, so im not realy surprised that you have issues with the card.
Because the cooling is realy bad.

I have the Tri-X R9-290 OC.
I had the same issues the first few weeks i had the card. I dont get black screens anymore, but my computer does freeze from time to time just even opening an overclock software like Afterburner.

I think it's geniuely a hardware issue with the Hawaii Chips. Cause i've heard alot about these black-screen issues, with the 290 from most of the vendors. From what i'm aware it's a hit and a miss with the R9-290. Like myself, i had to add a tiny bit of voltage, to even minorly fiddle with the clockspeeds. Which really shouldnt be the case.

And i've also owned the 270X, i've never had issues with that card at all.

I also had problems with the exact same card. Now this might seem weird, but i just plugged it out and then back in again. It has been working fine for me ever since.

I don't think i have to use an adapter i just read from some people that it helped with crashing sorry for the late respond.
Do u think i should try different Psu?

Did u unplug the card or the power cables cause im sure i have it seated properly

Im gonna try to send this card back thanks for the respond.

I I would try to see if it works using the 2 x8pin pci express plugs your psu comes with..

I've tried that aswell i just used the adapter to see if it would help and when i booted i didn't crash for like 20 mins,
but that didn't last long ended up crashing ever 2 mins after boot like i was before.

does your computer freeze or does it bluescreen, if it bluescreen what is it telling you?
is there another psu you can use? pretty much at this point you kinda have to indepently verify that every part can work in another system, but the easiest thing to do is return the graphics card if you think that's the problem. good luck man.

When it crashes its just a black screen and then reboot i've sent a return request.

I unplugged it completely

Ok thanks for the help im gonna try to return it and buy a sapphire http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-Version-PCI-Express-Graphics-11227-00-40G/dp/B00HJOXUKC/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1427117194&sr=1-3-fkmr0&keywords=r290+sapphire