Having issues with Gigabyte Aorus Pro B550M with Linux

Hello everyone.

I haven’t built a new computer since my i7-4790k with a z97 board.

I purchased the Gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro mATX with a 3700X since i liked the rear IO and it was in stock.

I had several problems with it. Updating the BIOS made no difference.

I have 3 different Linux installs on a 2tb GPT drive from an old dell optiplex from bay. 300gb for ubuntu, 300gb for PopOS, the rest for Manjaro. Only Ubuntu and the disk itself shows up in the BIOS boot selection (not grub).

I got a different small ssd and installed Manjaro just to it to test. It installed and booted on the B550M. Had issues with the usb keyboard repeatably not registering the first or second key stroke after a while, or too many. In both ubuntu and Manjaro. Disabling CSM mostly solved it, but not completely. Switching to the 5.4 kernel with CSM off seems to have resolved that so far.

I wanted to know if there were any better fixes or info on the above issues? It takes a long time to get a Manjaro install just to were I like it so I rather not reinstall.

Hmm, I think what is happening here is the B550 only recognizes the operating system installed in the master boot record. This should not be an issue however since that boot record should run Grub, where you then can choose whichever OS is easier. Is there any particular reason you do not want to let Grub choose the proper boot partition?

Since the B550 chipset is relatively new, I do not think there is a better solution than to have a newer kernel.

More than likely, the version of grub-efi and or efi-stub/efiboot are not up to date on the other partitions. It is also possible that your ESP partition does not contain the other boot options. could you show us how your disk is partitioned?

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