Having Buyer's Remorse on Case and Motherboard

So I have this build (Minus mouse an keyboard) http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Zebrajellybeans/saved/1Oan

I just ordered the case a few days ago but ordered the mobo on the first, and I kind of want something smaller and neater like a micro atx. I already have cpu and ram installed on mobo, but according to Newegg, if I return it in original packaging and it isn't damaged, it should be fine. I just recieved the case.


This is the build I want now, and I figure the drop in price from the first build will make up shipping and restocking fees. So the question is, is it worth the hassle, and is the mobo better?

Bump because nobody likes me.

umm, i wouldnt bother to be fair unless you desperately need mATX size.

it's still an atx case, why would you get a matx motherboard

What did you mean by brick? And also I meant to choose out the mAtx version of the case.

Your case and motherboard are fine, and your build is fine.

Buyers remorse will disappear when you realise that you've got a good computing experience.

I'd concur with this.

In all honesty, there's not much of a reason to go from ATX to mATX.

Yeah, we've all had buyers remorse at one point, as systems builders.

I actually got buyer remorse because my PSU didn't match my colour scheme.

Stay with the ATX build you have more upgrading options with it. 

I once had buyers remorse because the blue/silver Galaxy GPU I got didn't match the black/green theme of the rest of the case.

Yeah I am better now that I just put it together, but I am still iffy about my PSU because I am not sure if 500w is enough if I want to upgrade later. I will upload pictures later if anyone is interested, my next buy is a SSD and maybe an aftermarket cooler.

500Watt is fine for now, if you ever decide to add another card and overlock you may need to change it but if your just gaming and having fun with 1 card and normal clocks it will do fine.

Yeah I found out a little late that my mobo is not sli, so I think a 660ti will do me just fine for a few years until I make a mini itx rig.