Having a bad time with TF2 on Ubuntu 15.04

First off, I have a pretty irregular configuration. It's a ThinkPad X201 with a GTX 660ti external GPU. Now before you harass me for having a weird config, it works beautifully in WIndows with nvidia drivers installed. It's not perfect (mad tearing, 1x link, is inside a cardboard box, etc) but it works.
Right now I'm using open drivers because the proprietary drivers did bad things when they were unistalled. 50% my ineptitude, and 50% poorly optimized drivers. Short story is that it wouldn't boot with internal graphics. Regardless, openGL is working, maybe not at peak efficiency, but it is working.

And now the actual problem:

Now the issue is that when I launch a game such as TF2, any clicks will cause the window to minimize. As soon as you enter a game it plays just fine, but in menus it will constantly minimize. Haven't tried any other games yet to see if they work, but yeah... TF2 is wonky as shit.

Is there an easy fix for this? I'm sure it's just a case of me being a moron... ;)

For one, I know the set up you're talking about, and it's a very clever idea, but honestly you're not going to have the best time in linux with playing with it.

Yeah, I'm sure that it could be done, but honestly that is such a side-step to the norm I don't even know how support would work for that.

Also it may be a problem with how your mouse could be configured? (???!???)

I have seen this kinda thing ONCE and it was recommended to use windows. Just saying.

Totally get that. I also have a drive in the ultrabase I boot windows from and it does work well. This is more of a "will this even come close to working" experiment. The weird thing though is that the performance in the game with open drivers is not too bad compared to windows with proprietary drivers. The only issue is the click minimizing the application. Could be some other issue not related to my janky hardware. It's a real puzzler because all the standard benchmarks and tests work fine...

Edit: just noticed that it does the same thing with intel HD too. Most likely not related to the eGPU... Hmmmm...

Quark of a thought,

Install fucked up

I have seen this with a titan and an old dell D620 and it was running the last tomb raider game on ultra so if you get this going you'll be rek'ing

Oh yeah man it's pretty sweet. It works great on windows with a few gripes. I'll try reinstalling TF2 though that might be the problem.

Pic of shitty battlestation...