Have you used Multi monitor setups(4-6 screens),and what did you think of it?

I am asking cause i only can run 2 screens for now,but i plan to get some cables so i can run 4,and also plan to do some upgrades later down the road,and am mabye considering using up to 6 screens.


I currently have 2 1080p screens(and a third in pawn),and 1 dell (swivel stand)1280x1024 screen(and 2 more matching ones in layway at a pawnshop,they were only $25) i laywayed them before i got my most recent 1080pscreen at a garage sale for $5 lol.


I was thinking of having the 3 1080p screens,then the 3 1280x1024 screens above the 1080p screens.


I know it is a lot of screens,but i know i would put every one to use since i not only like to multi task a LOT,plus i am ADHD and tend to switch between things a lot.

make it so ... a little Picard humor  ...  sorry I'm no help.  Score!  on the 1080p for $5   ;)

have at it if your card can take it man. I Make full use of all my PCs. though I am running multiple machines as well using synergy to switch. I would like a 3x3 setup running two machines.

It totally depends on what you do with your machine. People who use several apps at once will swear by it.

If you're a gamer then one real big nice display is better if you ask me. I do use 2 myself because my old Dell 24" still worked when I upgraded so I put it in portrait on the side of my desk.

My setup consists of a 27 inch 1440p Korean monitor, and two smaller 900p monitors (they are different, one is 16:9 HP and the other is 16:10 Dell.) For gaming I run it as an odd eyefinity setup sometimes for fun, but really I just use the Korean monitor for gaming and the others for seeing the browser and obs.

I can really use a fourth for monitoring my graphics card and processor usage and temps, and also playing music for knowing what track I am on. So I can completely understand using a 5-6 monitor setup if you like the whole one application per screen thing, not worrying about organizing windows and giving everything the proper real estate. I hate looking awkward trying to do something quick while I'm live.  

All in all, from my experience, more screen real estate the better, but I'd kill for a monitor setup like what Wendell runs.

Yeah it was a good score,it is a dell 21.5in ips,i just walked up and asked how much they wanted for it,fully expecting them to say like $50,but they said $5,and i jumped on it lol.

Well i only have 1 r9 270x right,but i am thinking of getting a second one at some point down the road.

Also most of the time i will only game on one screen,but i would like to at times run eyefinity whne i am playing racing games,but most of the time i will game on the middle 1080p screen,the VLC,on the left screen and 1-2 browsers on the right,then on the top screens i would be running pandora,hardware monitor,a clock widget,cpu-z,msi afterburner,and stuff like that,plus i am considering that if i can,hook up one of the dells using vga and a DVI-vga adapter,and then use the DVI with a HDMI-DVI cable to hook to a cable box,so i could switch between TV and PC on it.

I have 4 1080p 24inch Dell monitors at work stacked 2 high 2 wide. I love it, lots of real estate to get work done and keep an eye on various things I need to. Probably wouldn't use this at home ever because I have 2 24inch ASUS monitors at home and that's plenty for studying and gaming.