Have you guys ever considered making a "computers for dummies" serise?



     I really enjoy the videos you guys make and was wondering if you had ever thought of making ones along the lines of "You're a n00b and that's ok, we have the technology we can teach you"? For instance, you pick a topic; let's say RAM, and you give a brief history of it, then what it does and doesn't do, and generally just educate some of us that are less 'in the know'. Just a thought.

I am pretty sure there are already videos about this sort of thing on youtube, so it would be a bit of a waste for Tek Syndicate to put time into it, especially when the majority of their viewers range from knowledgeable to Enthusiasts. 

If we had the resources we would do something like this... At one point we even outlined several videos... they were not "computers for dummies" really... they were more like, "here is how things work" on a rudimentary level... like, this is how RAM works... I just really wanted some animations to go along with it. That is what would make these videos work.

You sure like your inferiority complex :P

The best way to learn is experimenting. There is so much information on the internet on almost any IT related topic you can easily learn by just reading and trying. Videos should be more like niche tutorials, so they are worth the time investment for both the editor and the viewers. What most people would probably enjoy would be a concise, stripped to the bare basics video that covers a basic build from unscrewing the case to installing the OS. At the end of the video make a list of other linked videos that expand the tutorial into other areas like upgrading, cable management, optimizing airflow and noise levels, aesthetics/modding, whatever. There are others who've tried but their videos are too long and sway from the essential stuff and can be confusing for a complete newcomer.

Yeah but with such videos teksyndicate would get more subscribers and supporters since the PC market is growing again. People finally realised gaming on a laptop is just a step in the path to ascension to the Glorious PC Ma- joking.

Jesus, late reply on my end, it seems Linus hit the idea with TechQuickie, but he just glosses over. I recall a show called Icons that came on G4 in that small time when it was still joined with TechTV and didn't suck; the show had a showcase of people or topics that were groundbreaking in gaming, one can still find a few episodes on Youtube, maybe something like that could be in order like the build you did for Eric Raymond.

Bit of a necro thread.