Have you ever thought about selling copies of the forums?

this is the best prettiest forums i have ever found on the internet. a true work of art. when i leave teksyndicate and visit other forums i am saddened by their poor quality and features. one of the ones i visit the most recently had to change forums software because the old one was insecure (ironically the same one as linus tech tips which recently was hacked) and the new one is absolutely horrible. and whenever i watch tek syndicate i hear of how more money would allow you to release new content.
well teksyndicate forums has been made. the work has already been done. why not sell copies to make the internet a better place and give you the cash to make more videos and spend on the office?

or am i missing something obvious to everyone but me?

I'd imagine they'd just release the HTML code if anything

...you've...basically missed the whole of obvious.

The forums is run by Discourse and the style (css) is managed by Tek Syndicate. The only thing that may be copied (of use) is the css and the database of the topics and posts.

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