Have no disire to play games anymore?

So pretty much since couple of months ago i have no desire to play games anymore, i can play for a few minutes but then i get bored, i dont know how to get back into games again?

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Been fighting with the same problem now for about the last year. I'm curious to know how other people feel about this.

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I get in that mood sometimes. It helps to play something different, because it's easy to get bored playing the same games. I think you're less likely to get in that mood if you're playing with your friends.

If I can't get out of that mood, I'll just go watch something on Netflix, or read.

Even games I enjoy, can't seem to hold my interest for more than a few days, maybe a week or two at best anymore. I constantly have the feeling like I'm just playing a copy of a game I already played once, and that there's so little original content in games these days.

Probably because you're under stimulated, and don't feel challenged. But I'm no psychologist, so I have no idea haha

I feel the same I'll play a game like gta, minecraft, wot, and assetto corsa and get board after a race, a match or just a couple of minutes being in the "open world"

Games got boring for me a while ago. Its all about the people I play with now. I play things like csgo more like a sport then a game. I play it to get better. But for some games I play for the people. I go back and play ps3 just to play with some of my friends that don't have a pc. Usually older call of duties, mainly mw2 and bo2. Stuff that isn't competitive but fun.

It happens from time to time, just try out something different, like genres that you usually don't play or an entirely different hobby, you'll eventually find your enjoyment in gaming again. I couldn't play any game for more than 30 minutes for months and now I played a crapload of GTA V and I'm having fun again.

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Happens to me too, I get bored rather easily and have trouble playing games. If I'm playing with others then it keeps my interest but by myself it gets boring. I've been trying to re-purpose my time into reading books, doing projects, and schoolwork.

I thought I was the only one with this too. Nice to see that I'm not.

Well I mean it's no secret that work, school, life, can keep you busy and make it hard to find the time to play ... But one would think that it would make you enjoy the time you do get to spend gaming that much more, sadly I hardly find that's the case.

It is good to know that I'm not the only person feeling this way though, it's been kind of bothering me lately.

Take a break form gaming. If that doesn't help, try playing with friends. If that doesn't help, try different types of games (there's TONS of challenging and different indie games out there). If you still can't get in the mood, then maybe you're not a gamer anymore. No shame in that. Over time, peoples tastes and interests change. Find something else you enjoy doing.

This happened to me last summer. Couldn't play games for more then a minute. I found taking a break helped a lot. But when I came back I played a brand new game I never would have played before and it got me back in. So taking a break and expanding my horizons really helped. Unfortunately a lot of games are just like other games. Not that it makes them bad games, it just makes life rather repetitive.

I've been feeling the same way as well. It makes me not want to buy any new games that I may enjoy because I feel as if I'll get bored of it, and my money will have gone to waste. It's a bad cycle.

I get like that sometimes especially this time of the year when new games are scarce.

it's a good thing. means you should go do something to challenge yourself.

like, read books, make some music, lean a language or go do an online course.

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ive had the exact same problem about half a year ago, just take a longgggggggg break from it and look at the hype videos for upcoming games that you are looking forward to, wait until some of those game are released so you have a backlog to play through and when the time comes around you will find your love for it again.

for me personaly it was because i didnt have the equipment that i wanted to game with, especially audio wise, so i sold all my garbage at the time and upgraded to the most hardcore setup i could think of and afford, it fixed it for me because it blew my mind compared to what i had before, just gotta find whats making you bored and fix the problem.

I reckon there is nothing wrong at all with that mate, I took a break from gaming for about 5 years and never missed it. Even these days Im in the same boat as you. <30 mins every few days or so is all I do now. Heap of better things to do in life I reckon.

What games (or types of games) do you usually play? You could try mixing it up a bit.

I'm currently ticking away, slowly, at PILLARS OF ETERNITY. Since I am a big fan of old-school cRPGs, I'm loving it. It was just what I needed after playing too many FPS games where I can just pick it up, play it for five minutes, and call it good.

If mixing it up with games doesn't work, try doing something else. Write a book, do Yoga, clean the bathroom and do dishes. Feed bananas to the basement creature. Once you see how strange the normality of life is, gaming won't seem so drab anymore.

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I was like this for over 6 years.


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