Have my wifi and ethernet bridged to share connection but having issues, can anyone help?

So, I bridged my Wifi connection with my ethernet so I could share my internet connection with another computer, but every now and then my wifi seems to disconnect on its own.

Any ideas as to whats causing this?

What OS are you running? Vista had bugs with WiFi. My guess is that ips are getting jumbled around. Maybe try using a static ip.

If we are talking about pc to pc bridge I have seen windows cutting internet sharing for some reason, when it runs low on resources. So would be nice to know about the pc your using as a hub and what kinds of load are you putting on the connection?

Disclaimer: I am terrible at explaining this and I do not have access to screen shots to explain what I did at the moment.

I did something similar and had several issues. My network looks like this

Coax -> Modem/wifi router - (wireless connection) - bridged mode wifi router -> My Computer

I get issues every now an then when the router fetches new IP from the ISP or sometimes it clears the DHCP when a new device comes on the network and my bridge router IP shows up as the internal router IP not a DHCP IP. Thankfully I have had the longest run without issues yet at over 6mo.

I have a cheap ASUS router that supported bridge but the stock firmware was terrible. I could not even get it working. I flashed a version of DDWRT and followed the setup guide and presto chango it worked like a charm....for a few days.

The next thing I did was to go into the modem/router and change the DHCP settings so it would not clear so often and check off that my bridge router was listed as a static IP.

Many times I could connect to the modem/router but not the internet and that was always because my IP address and domain name didn't match the correctly with what the modem was on.

Sounds like the problem is with IP passtrough, when the router fetches new IP from ISP it also changes the DHCP pool. The pool is then passed to the second router which does not understand the connection out side of DHCP pool does making the connection between your computer and 2nd router drop. Since I am not very experienced with homegrade routing hardware and software only thing I can think of is that you update DDWRT or flash it back to original software.

Hope someone wiser can help you with this I would love to hear what was the issue.

PS. Also update your modem software when I did quick google search PPPoE problems seem to be common in early versions of software.