Have multiple Monitors emulate one monitor on an input level?

I believe this would be for Wendell because he has connections with that guy that made the Controller board. But, Is there a way to tile multiple monitor with a box by basically lying to your driver and say "Yes, I have a 31in 16:10 4k Monitor and not four cheap 1920x1200 laptop screens" or "I have a 20in 4:5 1920x2400 Monitor and not two of those 16:10 laptop screens with one on top of the other". This would be very useful for people with 120Hz Monitors and people that want a 18-inch 4096x3072 retina display by using 4 iPad screens and this would be really useful if we can get OLED iPad Screens in the future because you can practically glue those screens to Cardboard and get a bezel less than half a millimeter in thickness.

My only concern in latency, but can this be done? 

If you are talking about using Ipads for diplays then yes the input lag would be immense.

Wouldn't that only be a problem if you tried to get an iPad to emulate a monitor on a software level (I believe that there's a Splashtop app for that somewhere), as surely the iPad display panels are no different to any other touchscreen. If you could find some way to get just the panels (like from a replacement parts site) and hooked them up to a custom controller board then it should work fine.