Have I225-V controller issues been resolved?

While speccing out my new build, I discovered a number of posts discussing I225-V controller issues. It seems that a number of people had connectivity issues, dropped connections and high latency when using this controller. Apparently revision B3 was meant to solve the problem, but it seems it didn’t.

Can anyone comment on the status of this issue? It seems like most current motherboards use this controller, so I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been fixed. Or is everyone using a PCIe NIC?

Ive watched a Serve the Home video saying its been fixed so :person_shrugging:t5:

I have an Asus Prime Z490A and never had issues with the i225-V, although I’m only using it at 1Gig Speeds.

The Board is from early 2021.

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there is multiple revisions of this controller

It’s prettymuch all resolved now unless you get super old stock. Not likely in the pandemic

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Note that it’s quite easy to check what hardware revision the used I225-V NIC has, the latest one has a “(3)” in the displayed name in Windows Device Manager, for example.

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