Have I really badly fucked up? Regarding hardware storage

I'm currently building my first rig, and have been buying the components as I raise the money. The trouble here being that this has been an 8 month process. So the oldest component is the graphics card, which is 8 months old, and has not been tested to see if it was dead on delivery. The case is the same for the cpu which is 7 months old and of the mobo which is 6 months old. So I'm wondering, how high is the likelihood that I've got about £500 worth of dead silicon sitting useless in the box (they were all bought new and from the manufacturer, apart from the graphics card which was bought from an Italian company). And is there any chance that if there is that I can get my money back? Also, what is the proper thing to do in the future? Thanks for any info.

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The proper thing would to buy all the parts within a couple weeks span, but there is less then a 1 in one hundred chance of a DOA part so your risk is very low. Usually resellers offer a month return policy but that depends on the seller.


For the future:
1 register your product as soon as you get it.
2 buy the case first and the graphics card last.

For now:
register your product with the company that made it, if you can.
If they have a warranty on it, chances are it needs to be registered.
chances of you getting your money back, 0.1%.
chances of you getting doa equipment replaced with refurbished junk 80%.
chances of everything being fine, 70%.

The best practice is to buy all of the parts from one retailer, at the same time. This way if there is an issue you can just send the whole PC back, and let the retailer figure out the problem.

I don't think he has the funds to do this, not exactly feasible for him.

He could've saved the money and then bought everything at once. The way he did it leaves too much to chance.

Well you didn't store it in the dishwasher so I'm sure you'll be fine. I did this long term build for my second build

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your chanze of having DOA parts is actually pretty low. Source: Worked in a company that builds pcs.
At least here in germany you have a 14 to 30 day return policy, where you can return stuff without reason, but if you have a reason, the time is a lot longer.

So the worst that you would be forced to do is to sit in a telephone waitng line and scream angry at custommer support people.

Chears Rage.

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