Have anyone seen how Corsair have done Thermaltake, but this time noone cares?







Corsair Crystal vs Anidees Crystal...
Nobody will care... Corsair is sponsoring too many people for the media to care.

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whole lot of cases and case makers in the market and some looking like others is going to happen. maybe it was on purpose, maybe it wasnt, but we dont know and have no way of knowing. and it does kinda not matter. the people buying these cases arent the scroll through pc part picker crowd. they are people who know computers and brands and already have preferences. the people who like corsair will go for corsair one and the thermaltake people will go for the thermaltake one regardless of any small price difference.

My point was, those two cases are way more similar than the Tt was to the FD back in the day, but this time around we will not see any mention of a design steeling or whatever.
PS: Just to be clear, i think, that Tt F51 is better than R5 and the entire thing was blown way way out of proportion.

back then their were less players in the game. now having similar cases is just normal.

I mean, computer cases built with enthusiasts in mind.. those two are actually fairly distinct compared to the others out there. The glass and walled off basement are really the only non-standard similarities..

Thermaltake looks like an r5 to me...

Anidees has a front panel resembling that of Fractal Design Define series of cases with the same ventilation fins. I'd say they're the ones that are stealing. As for Corsair, that case looks pretty Corsair to me. It looks like a combination of Carbide and Graphite.

But ultimately what matters is the price, features and how well designed it is on the inside. And I've seen reviews of the Anidees case. It doesn't have enough room for cable management in the back. And both side panels are made of tempered glass. I don't like that. I barely like tempered glass as it is.

It looks to me like a lot of these new cases emphasize fashion over function and that's really where most of the money goes into. That's why Fractal Design is my choice. Functionality and efficient design is the most important aspect to them. There's no RGB nonsense.
And why is the PSU shroud suddenly so popular, with hidden HDD cages? Doesn't that make HDD's run hotter? I don't know about you, but I don't like my HDD's getting over 30°C.

Exactly that!

I don´t remember who said that, but:

Yes plus the whole controversy with thermaltake was their case designer basically claiming it was an original design not inspired by anything else. We all knew that was a blatant lie. As far as I know Corsair has done no such thing with this case, they are simply following the trend of adding tempered glass to the case line-up. The same as a lot of others recently. It should not matter if companies make similar cases, as long as no one is claiming to be "the only one" or "the first" or "100% original", because it just simply can't be anymore. Also as a personal note, the Corsair looks way nicer than the Anidees, and I would trust Corsairs manufacturing over an unknown(lesser-known) brand any day.

What was the original release date of the Aindees? Corsairs new case is just their 400C with glass from what I can tell.

Why does this matter? It's a case.

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The only similarities to the R5 are the front door and... that's it... The noise dampening is more like R4 than R5, the roof is different, the internals are standard Thermaltake...
Here we have the same front and sides, the same roof, the same placement of the HDD, the same SSD locations, same LED fans idea... Everything is the same. Yeah, they curved a couple angles.

oh wow. It's almost like they are built for a certain form factor.

And they're all rectangular... geeze. Clearly copying.

Glass is not too common in chassis now a days...

Is the sarcasm coming off strong, or??

The top one is pretty sexy though.


How many ways can you design a box.

Back in the day wenn the hype fired up about stolen case designs.
it was somewhere last year or so.
I never realy bottered with it atall.

Some people got as fat as saying a fan with different fanblade shape and RGB led ring in the middle of the frame is the same design as non led fan with plastic ring, who's color you change by manually changing the plastic ring...
Seriously, some people got really active last time around for less... This time there are more stuff, similar to each other, but nobody will notice.

Anyways... I guess this thread confirms nobody cares. I gave up on my video on the topic because... well... nobody cares...

The outisides only look similar because they all use glass. Corsair case doesn't remind me of anything while the Anidees reminds me of Define case. But the insides on them do not resemble any of the 3. All are different. I think there are clear differences between the two.

Even the name is the same...
Glass everything with led fans, psu shroud, dual HDD mount under the shroud, triple ssd mounts behind the mobo tray, fan filtered roof... I would be silent if the roof was glass with the same vents as the front, but they choose the same visual style with the same outside looks. Just like Tt did back in the day.

This is something that only enthusiasts willing to spend a good deal of money on these things should worry about. Most people should only care about getting the best bang for the buck. So don't worry too much about it.


Yeah but they already did a complete rip of the r5 last year lol.