Have a 23-pair power distributor and a 19-pair power supply, will this work?

I’ve pieced together a number of parts to fill a Supermicro CSE825TQ-563LPB, on a recommendation for a quieter PSU i picked up the 19-pair PWS-920P-SQ 1U 920W.

The issue is I have this 23-pair power distribution unit:

There is a 19-pair PDU:

So if the 23-pair will work I am happy to avoid buying this.

Both have the same output and i have to admit I do not trust my reading of the specs to say that this will work so here I am. Thank you for any help!

It is not compatible. The 23-pair PSU is for the 826 chassis, the 19-pair is for the 825 chassis.

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