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Haunted PC - Memory Errors in Chrome


Hello. Something really weird has been happening lately to my notebook (specs in the profile) when I’m browsing the web with Chrome and, especially, watching videos on Youtube. For whatever reason I’ve had three BSODs regarding RAM fault. Two where similar and one, that happened today, was different.
Chrome is using GPU acceleration but the dedicated graphic is only enabled for games and heavy tasks. So this is making me worry about having issues not with the RAM but with the CPU itself.
Am I worrying too much? To be honest I don’t want to invest money on this PC before I know exactly what’s wrong with it. It’s a good machine, but still old and I might need to replace it if it breaks completely.

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Bsod and also chrome crashing sound like bad system ram, that is the exact symptoms I had when I got a bad stick of ddr.

Try running memtest for as long as you can manage, if there are any errors you have a bad stick of ram.



memtest and prime95

whats the exact stop code?

If you think its igpu related, steam in home streaming is a good way to put it through its paces.



@TheCakeIsNaOH @Adubs So memtest will be. I don’t have much time to run it but I guess it will clear up if I have a bad stick of RAM.

I’ll try Steam In Home Streaming too, it’s worth giving it a go. I can’t run Prime95 on that thing because I would absolutely kill it with heat. It’s summer too so I can’t even put the laptop outside to cool a bit better.

P.S. I’m not sure it’s the RAM because I’ve also been running a VM and it didn’t crash. My VM allocates 4GB of RAM and on top of the usual usage I’m often above the 8GB mark



UPDATE: 30 minutes in Memtest, 1st pass and 193 errors on the 8GB RAM module. I think the RAM needs to be changed @Adubs @TheCakeIsNaOH

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welp… there you have it.

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I really wish I didn’t have to spend money on a laptop this old. Still a very good machine, but not worth spending money on it. Thanks a lot for the help, you’re always on when I need and I’ll never be grateful enough

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I’m testing the other stick and looks just as bad. But the errors looks like the same. For example both sticks exhibit the same error in test 3 where expected is FFFFFFFF and actual is FFFFDFFF. Could it be the sing of something else wrong with my PC?



I suppose its possible that the IMC is fucked. I wouldnt expect that to result in the same bits being wrong but im not an enginerd enough to know why or how. Can you test the ram in another machine?



@Heimdallr how could 2 sticks of ram fail the same tests the same way?



The answer is the odds are astronomical… test the sticks in another machine otherwise the likely fault is the IMC



@Adubs @Heimdallr I found a 2GB stick around and popped it in. I didnt spit a single error. So I guess the CPU is fine.



But see what happens if you run dual sticks vs one. It could still be the IMC not handling dual channel properly

Otherwise holy fuck… damn… well damn



Go buy a lottery ticket because holy shit.



I tested one stick at the time with the previous sticks. So I guess that even in single channel those things are worthless.



What brand and model?



If I were that lucky I wouldn’t be here spending 50/60€ for 8GB of SoDIMM DDR3 RAM that’s absolutely not worth that much hahaha



Thats way over priced. Hit up ebay.

25 max.



Also dont overpay for memory ever. TBCH most world records are done on Non RGB run of the mill tight timing ram… Bling ram is for a build thats about the bling and aesthetics otherwise its completely useless

Also “Gaming” is the greatest marketing term in history



Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I know my way around marketing terms and we’re talking about a laptop and DDR3 RAM so there’s no way RGB RAM exists for example. I just need a 2x4GB 1600MHz kit. I had 12GB before put in by HP but I can’t replicate this configuration so I’ll just go with matched sticks. 16GB is way too much to drop on this thing.