Haswell - Wait or get a 3770K?

Hey everyone!

I've recently come across a good deal on an i7-3770K, for around €200 ($250).

I'm not asking for a discussion about the processor, I'm only asking for whether it would be worth it to get it now for a (very) discounted price (they usually cost €300+), or whether it would be better to wait for the next gen of iCore - Haswell, which brings performance increases as well as power management "breakthroughs".


  • Will the performance increase be noticeable (~25%+) or just minor refinements (~5%-10%)?
  • Will the integrated graphics be comparable to something like a GTX 650 or better?
  • How long will the wait be: for the lineup to be obtainable; for motherboards to be obtainable? (maybe mobos are obtainable already, but just for the sake of completion)
  • Will the LGA1155 platform become obsolete after Ivy-Bridge?




Only about 10% increase,

The intergrated will be good, but not great

There are a few annonced.

Yes. It will move to 1150 from 1155. 


I would say buy when you want, but haswell will be the same price as Ivy at launch time. 

i think the 4770K will perform about 10 % better then the 3770K so not realy mind blowing ☺

Wenn intel gonne drop the price of the intel 3770k wenn hasswell is launched that can be intressting then.


The Performance will go up about 10% for the same Clock speed, but ive heard that they are supposed to be an Overclockers dream, which means you may be able to pull 25%+ more performance out of haswell due to Higher attainable clock speeds.

They have also added a bunch of new extentions which should make certain programs and such more effecient resource wise and also faster.  

the grpahics wont compare with a GTX 650 but it will be faster and also probably have a few nice features. 

The upgrades in Haswell are mostly to the integrated graphics, at least partially because AMD is kicking their asses up and down at graphics. Early benchmarks show the 4770k at 5-8% faster in CPU stuff than the 3770k, and with a higher TDP, not lower. The i7 + integrated GPU combo performs about 70% as fast as AMD's $130 A10-5800k in games (for 2.5x the price), and about half as fast as a dedicated 7750. Supposedly, the lower end CPUs will have more powerful integrated graphics than the i7s, though.

I'd say grab the 3770k if it's that cheap, but only if you know you actually need it. An i7 is never a good deal, even on sale.  250 bucks is still more expensive than an i5 or 8350 for what amounts to no difference in most cases.

I've Heard that the next gen x770k (Most likely names the 4770k) Will have about a 7% Increase in performance but lower power consumption. So i would have to say that its a smart idea to buy the 3770k I happened to pay about the same price for the 3770k and I love it! So unless you live somewhere where power is expensive, get the 3770k