Haswell released today. Tech of tomorrow's review already up

No, they have 4 slots, just like Sandy and Ivy, but only run in dual-channel. 32GB in 8GB sticks, dual-channel bandwidth. Quad-channel bandwidth is so freaking large it isn't used, really.

Nah, I'll just use some scotch tape and stick the RAM directly to my 780 quad sli ;)

I know what I am doing!!!

Any idea when we can purchase the processors?

Imagine a twin-Titan PCB, like the 690, but with a total of 12GB of VRAM on a single board. My god...

Within the next 2 days.

Tomorrow, or the next day. Today isn't the release date. This is just some benchmarks, which always come early -_-

Why am I repeating myself with you, nregner? You think this is funneh? You think this is a successful troll? Do I look mad to YOU, bro?

With scotch tape, anything is possible. Only compatible with Haswell.

My bad, lmao.

I think I'll keep my pants on until (mainstream) desktop platforms support DDR4 memory.

cool video this shows that upgrading to hasswell if you on a 3770K for gaming is totaly pointless, not much improvements for gamers. i hope they will bench  them against the FX8350 soon. ☺

it's actually right in line with their predictions, about 5-10% in overall performance with about 30% performance gains on integrated graphics over the Ivy Bridge lineup. Basically, if you have Ivy Bridge, you shouldn't be in any hurry to upgrade, if you don't, then Haswell is always a nice option. It does seem, however, that several companies are going for a different size on their motherboards, like Gigabyte with their entry and mid-ranged boards, they aren't full atx width, although they are full atx length. It's peculiar, and I'm looking forward to seeing if any other manufacturers follow suit and make it into a thing.

I'm planning on building a rig on black friday so ill probably get the 4770k haswell for it, but then I read that broadwell comes out next year :( at least the rumor is the LGA 1150 socket will support both!

Linus' NCIX video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBiE4sKnuM0



can't wait for LinusTechTips biased videos on intel and him jerking off on intel and nvidia like little 10 year old boy who got paid to do that.

Cool advancements as far as voltage regulation being integrated to the CPU and the Z87...having more I/O...I guess.

According to this article at Tom's Hardware, http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/core-i7-4770k-haswell-review,3521-13.html

Haswell would be the ideal choice for productivity. However, I don't see a need to upgrade if you're only gaming.