Haswell released today. Tech of tomorrow's review already up


What do you guys think? Doesn't look that much better at all to me.

It's gone.........

Where's the video? It's down just 7 minutes after this was posted...

Well I don't know where it has gone.

Here's time to live customs instead:


Updated tech of tomorrow's link

I don't know why people are focusing on the performance boost. It's not about that. It's about Intel incorporating more technology in their product line. Similar to the Nvidia Kepler refresh. It doesn't make sense to upgrade if you have anything from Sandy or Ivy. But, for new systems, Haswell is a no-brainer.

i5-3570 owner here. Not interested.

IMO, Haswell is meant for people upgrading from the Core 2 series.

3770k owner here; I'm actually glad that the VRM isn't integrated on Ivy Bridge - it's going to run so hot on Haswell. I'd rather spend more on a nice motherboard than crap out, and get poor support elsewhere - the VRM and memory frequency are not the only reasons you buy a nice mobo.

The tests show Haswell runs cooler, strangely.

You might as well get the 4570T for the hyperthreading.

4770k vs 3820, go.

2.9 clock. 2 cores 2 virtual. Me no think soooo

They messed that up lol. I still want to see the price at microcenter.

I'm going i5. I'll edit video on that thing, if I really have to. i7 isn't worth it over the 3820. 2011 is too expensive for my forecasted system lifespan (and other considerations).

4670k for me. I haven't chosen a mobo, yet. Probably the best thing about Haswell is the mobos!

I can't even find the processors anywhere, I still haven't ordered the mobo or cpu, so I can still change my mind. Elric talked about the new Maximus VI, if its around $200 and the 4770k is a reasonable price at microcenter, I will probably do that.

That's because it isn't released until tomorrow or the 3rd (Monday). Not sure why people think it is today...?

They always produce benchmarks early.

Dependant on your needs; if you will be running more than two high-end cards, then the 4770k will bottleneck with PCIe lanes, but Haswell has noticably faster per-core performance over Sandy Bridge, which is what SB-E is based off of (hence being called Sandy Bridge E). I'd get the 4770k if you are going to run dual 7950s, 7970s, or even 780s/Titans, as long as you overclock that son of a bench nicely, but the 3820 if you will be going tri-SLI or tri-fire, or simply need more than 32GB of RAM.

Still siding with the i5. No benefit in HT, currently. If I run into problems, I'll look to upgrade sooner. I'm mostly gaming. There may be video bi-products outta my rig, but it is pretty unlikely. I'm happy to do that on the i5, even if it isn't optimal. Running a single 780, maybe two if I felt I needed the performance at 1440p. I'm only looking to get above 40-50fps in most games. Probably stick with the single... probably

You can only run 2 sticks of ram on the 4770k mobo, though right?

As he orders 3 more 780s for quad-SLI.