Haswell ready?

Hello there everyone! I hope y'all having a wonderful day!

I'm picking up a i7 4770k processor, and i was wondering the psu has to be Haswell Ready in order for it to work, or can i just grab any power supply? If so, do you have any suggestions on wich one?


Thanks in advance have a great day.

Haswell has some features, such as a low-power-state.  If you get a Haswell-ready PSU,  then it'll support this feature.  If you don't have a Haswell-ready PSU, you'll have to disable the option in the BIOS.  I hope someone else can go in with a in depth explanation about the C-states or whatever.

Any power supply will work with Haswell, but not all are compatible with the low power sleeper states.

from what I've here I think you can type powercfg -h off in command prompt and it might disable the low power states (havnt tried it yet)